The IT advice we provide is built around our knowledge about today's business technologies and more importantly we deliver what you say you want.
We can help you build your start-up business from scratch or advise long-established businesses on how to continue to grow.
We provide a full range of management consulting services to our clients and we work in a variety of ways depending on the scale of business.
L & J Business Solutions is a Business Development and IT consultancy firm which provides its services mainly to small businesses. We have experience in many key areas in business and commercial environments. We are energetic, forceful and well organised and we provide top quality consultation services to all regions of the UK for a variety of project work, maintaining a strong presence in the business world.

Our Process is strategic, sound, detailed and proven. To make your first step the right one, you will require the correct advice for your particular business start-up, from the outset. Our experts will be there to help you at an affordable price.

Our Advisors look at where improvements can be made in your business and work with you until you get the right advice.